The 6 Most Popular “Dorama-waku” in J-drama

For beginners in J-drama, there is a specific way to sort television drama programs, that is, using the so called “Dorama-waku (broadcasting frame)”. This is mostly based on the time slot they show, but also differs on which companies show them. We will introduce 6 most popular “Dorama-waku” in this article.

1.Asadora (NHK)

Asadora (lit. “Morning Drama”) is a TV drama program series produced by NHK, and broadcasts every Monday to Saturday morning. It is hassle-free to watch Asadora compared with other TV drama programs becasue each episode is only 15 minutes long. The endaring theme in each show also makes it popular among people of all ages, and it remains one of the most followed TV drama programs in Japan.

Major works
Oshin(1983), Carnation(2011), Amachan(2013)

2.Taiga dorama (NHK)

Taiga dorama, also called just as Taiga, is a historical fiction TV drama series based on the history of Japan. In this show, viewers can enjoy watching Japanese traditional culture, for example the way of the samurai, the beauty of kimono, historical temples (now still standing and are tourist destinations) and so on. Most Taiga doramas feature the dramatic years of the Sengoku or Bakumatsu era.

Major works
Shinsengumi!(2004), Ryomaden(2010), Sanada Maru(2016)

3.Getsuku (Fuji TV)

The name Getsuku is literally taken from “Getsuyou Kuji”, which means “Monday at 9pm”, and is produced by TV giant Fuji TV. Most works featured are of your typical romance or comedy stories, and are popular among the younger generation, or from teenagers to the early 30’s.

Major works
Tokyo Love Story(1991), HERO(2001), Galileo(2007)

4.Detective drama on Wednesday at 9pm (Nippon TV)

“Detective drama on Wednesday at 9pm” is quite self-explanatory. Most dramas are long-running and on-going, a perfect example of which is Aibo, which already has 16 seasons and shows every year from October to March. However we can enjoy these TV shows without watching every episode continuously each story is a standalone.

Major works
Hagure Keiji Junjoha, Aibo, Keishicho Sousaikka Kyugakari

5.Mokuyou Gekijyou (Fuji TV)

Mokuyou Gekijyou (lit. “Thursday Theatre”) often shows drama centered on social awareness, contrary to Getsuku. Several numbers of Medical dramas featured in recent years also became really popular with their engaging topics and storyline.

Major works
Densha Otoko(2005), Dr.Koto Shinryoujo(2003, 2006), Iryu series

6.Nichiyou Gekijyou (TBS)

Nichiyou Gekijyou (lit. “Sunday Theatre”) by TBS has produced a number of blockbusters in the recent years. “Hanzawa Naoki(2013), for example, is well-known for being the TV show with the highest rating after 2000, and remains undefeated until present. It often broadcasts gripping stories of hardships and success, which appeals to middle and elder aged men.

Major works
JIN(2009,2011), Hanzawa Naoki(2013), Shitamachi rokcet(2015)