Top 3 Dorama with the Highest Viewing Rate of All Time in Japan

The viewing rate of a show is one way to measure or evaluate the performance of TV programs in Japan. Since the early 2000s, even really popular shows reach only, at the most, around 20% viewing rate. However in the history of Japanese TV drama industry, we have one drama which was technically watched by one in every two people, or more than 50% of all people, in Japan!

In this article, let us look at the most viewed doramas in Japan.

3. Mito Komon Season 9 (1979)

The highest viewed rate: 43.7%

Mito Komon is a Japanese jidaigeki (i.e., period drama) which started broadcasting in 1969 and ended with 43 seasons only in 2011. It tells the story of Tokugawa Mitsukuni a member of the shogun (military leader) Tokugawa family, who roams all over Japan to save the innocents from corruption and injustice, whether they be gangs or even the local government officials.

2.Tsumiki Kuzushi(1983)

The highest viewed rate: 45.3%

Tsumiki Kuzushi is about a delinquent girl and her family. Together, they face the reality of bullying, absenteeism, drugs, violence, and many more, which run rampant in the daughter’s school. It is loosely based on the autobiography of Takanobu Hozumi, a Japanese actor. Its popularity was due in part to the image of delinquency, which was a heavy social burden at that time.


The highest viewed rate: 62.9%

Considered the all-time top blockbuster in Japanese drama history, no other show has beaten this 1983 rags to riches story of a girl, Oshin, who hails from a struggling family of farmers to later reach the pinnacle of success. Oshin’s endearing and challenging character not only captured the hearts of the Japanese society, but also garnered attention abroad and across neighboring Asian countries, and gave rise to the term “Oshindrome” (oshin + syndrome) which was used by the American weekly news magazine, TIME, word to describe how popular it was.

All three shows may already be considered as classics for the current generation, but their appeal remains and no current TV shows even come close to the golden goose of asadora. We recommend you watch the above-mentioned titles, and leave us a comment on it!