Happy new year Japan! While it is still 2017 as I write this in the US, it is already 2018 in Japan. Amidst my year-end perspective and new year’s resolutions, feelings of renewal, new opportunities, and new beginnings are in the air. It’s the perfect time to launch the all-new website!

While I’ve had the domain name for a long time, I’ve never really developed it properly. I went back and forth between different ideas, started and stopped working on it multiple times, and until today hadn’t managed more than a three-page placeholder site.

Since developing an RSI that keeps me from my previous job as a software developer, I’ve been focusing on learning Japanese. Since I watch a lot of Japanese dorama to learn real-life language and culture, and since I have some time to focus on it, now is the perfect time to expand my dorama learning activities. Through this site, I hope to share a little dorama fun along the way.